Data Science Dojo Reviews | Jaichitra Balakrishnan

Data Science Dojo – Seattle, July 2016

Jaichitra Balakrishnan got her Masters in Computer Applications from the Institute of Computer Applications

  • This bootcamp is an extremely efficient way to learn the fundamentals of data science, and more importantly, apply it to practical and known business cases in a very short time.

    The interactive, discussion-based learning approach provided by the bootcamp is what makes it a valuable experience.

    The Data Science Dojo experience quickly transitioned me from an experienced ‘descriptive analytics’ professional to a skilled and intuitive, albeit novice ‘predictive analytics’ professional.

    Jaichitra Balakrishnan – Deloitte Digital


Jaichitra Balakrishnan data science bootcamp alumni

Position: Senior Data Scientist

Employer: Deloitte Digital

Education: Masters – Computer Applications

Alma Mater: Institute of Computer Applications

Cohort: Seattle, July 2016

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