Data Science Certificate Programs

Data Science Dojo certificate programs are co-sponsored by The University of New Mexico (UNM) and designed to enhance the professional skills necessary to be successful in one of the fastest-growing fields. These programs last between 5 days and 16 weeks, but the foundation you build and grow will last much longer.

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How it works


Pick Your Program

We offer three different programs to help you achieve a wide variety of goals for your professional development within data science.


Learn from Live Lectures

All our programs are taught live and offered remotely to help you build a relationship with your instructors, connect with your peers, and receive instant feedback.

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Verify and Share

Your certificate comes with its own webpage which never expires so you can share with your connections on LinkedIn, with your boss for reimbursement, or wherever you’d like to share your achievement.


Show Off Your New Skillset

Whether your eyeing a promotion, working on a project, or trying to break into the field, our data science certificates will have an immediate impact on your data literacy and aptitude.

Choose your Data Science Certificate

Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp
Learn Data Science in a remote training with a curriculum designed by industry practitioners and led by experienced instructors to give you a head start in data science.


16 weeks


5 – 6 hrs/wk

Data Science for Managers and Business Leaders

A remote course designed to introduce a business first approach to data science and instill the use of data-driven decision making.


5 days


3 hrs/day

Python for Data Science

In this course, students will be learning core Python concepts and understand how to use the language as it relates to data science.


5 days


3 hrs/day

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So, how will I qualify for the certificate?

In order to qualify for the data science certificate for each respective program, you will need to attend 80% of the live lectures. Students who don’t meet this requirement are still eligible to receive a Data Science Dojo certificate of achievement, but it will not be co-sponsored by UNM. Students can make up classes by joining another cohort during a lecture they missed.

UNM Tuition Remission

The University of New Mexico’s employees, faculty, and retirees are eligible for tuition remission when signing up for this any of our certificate programs. Please visit the UNM tuition remission website or contact the benefits office at (505) 277-6947 for questions and more information.

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Feel free to ask any questions or comments you may have and we’ll get back to you within one business day.
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