Learn to build large language model applications: vector databases, langchain, fine tuning and prompt engineering. Learn more

Data Science for UNM Employees

Learn practical data science with our top-rated training programs and get exclusive benefits.

Tuition Remission
on All Programs

Employees of the University of New Mexico (UNM) are eligible for tuition remission on all the training programs offered by Data Science Dojo. Get partial or complete tuition remission on registering through the UNM Continuing Education website. Learn with our comprehensive curriculum and experienced instructors without having to worry about the cost.

Additional Benefits

Education Units

Build your resume and learn advanced skills with CEUs.

Practical Data Science

Test your newfound skills on real-world problems.

Dedicated Office Hours

Make the most out of the continued help and support.

Part-Time Training

Learn data science without compromising your schedule.

Data Science Certificate | Data Science Dojo

Earn a Verified Certificate

Earn a certificate from the University of New Mexico, verifying your skills as a data scientist. Step into the market with a proven and trusted skillset.

Our Trainings

Large Language Models BootcampNew
Hands-on curriculum for building large language model applications.

Duration: 5 days
Effort: 8 hrs/day

Data Science Bootcamp
Designed to equip you with all the skills needed to become a data scientist.

Duration: 16 weeks
Effort: 5 – 6 hrs/week

Python for Data Science
Learn the fastest-growing programming language with hands-on experience.

Coming Soon

Introduction to Power BI

Explore, and visualize data using Power BI Desktop to make data-driven.


Coming Soon

Not a UNM employee?

Data Science Dojo | data science for everyone

Even if you’re not an employee of the University of New Mexico, we’ve got you covered. Learn practical data science with our wide range of top-rated training programs.

How It Works

Pick a Program

Choose a training program and register via the UNM Continuing Education website.

Get Tuition Remission

On the checkout page, select “Tuition Remission” as the payment option to get a fee waiver.

Start Learning

Be a part of an interactive learning environment with live instructions and feedback from the instructors.

Earn a Certificate

Receive a verified certificate from the University of New Mexico and share it with your professional network.

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Recommended by Practitioners

Jacky Sawyer is the Director of Data Services at Breaking Ground. Our Data Science Bootcamp enabled her to understand and create a detailed inventory of all the data being used at Breaking Ground. Dealing mostly with information about people, she has been able to use data science in an ethical manner, for the good of society.

Praised by UNM Employees

Frequently Asked Questions

Students must be an active or retired faculty/staff member of The University of New Mexico. Interested students should register through the UNM Continuing Education website.

There are no specific prerequisites for any of the trainings offered by Data Science Dojo. Most of our attendees come to us with little to no programming experience.

We have a lot of pre-training material to get you where you need to be to hit the ground running.

The current or retired faculty/staff members of the University of New Mexico must register via the UNM Continuing Education website. After registering for a training program, select “Tuition Remission” as the payment option on checkout to avail the tuition remission.

Qualification is based on attendance. Students must attend at least 75% of the live lectures to qualify for a verified certificate.

Students who don’t meet this requirement are still eligible to receive a Data Science Dojo certificate of achievement but it will not be co-sponsored by UNM. Students can make up classes by joining another cohort during a lecture they missed.

The certificate will not expire. If lost, students can reach out to [email protected] requesting it to be recovered.

There are no additional fees associated with the University of New Mexico co-sponsored certificate.

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