Austin Meetup | Time Series Forecasting

Data Science Dojo Meetup

AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center
1900 University Ave
Austin, TX, USA 78705


Time Series Forecasting is not just your typical machine learning solution that learns from past data. In addition to this, it factors in time to learn that depending on the time of day/year/month/time period, certain events are likely to either happen again or move in a certain direction.

This humble yet effective technique has been quietly chipping away in the background building up almost quintillion business applications over time. I will delve into only a fraction of those applications you probably forgot about and demonstrate how to implement a Time Series model in R.

Presenter Bio:
Rebecca Merrett holds a bachelor’s degree of information and media from the University of Technology Sydney and a post-graduate diploma in mathematics and statistics from the University of Southern Queensland. She has a background in technical writing for games dev and has written for tech publications.

Rebecca just moved to the United States recently from Sydney, Australia and joined Data Science Dojo after attending a bootcamp in 2015!

6:00-6:30: Socialize
6:30-7:45: Follow along with the presentation
7:45-8:00 Questions

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