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Cant make it to an in-person bootcamp? Try our Online Data Science Certificate Program.

What You’ll Learn

Getting Ready

You can learn data science – even if you are an absolute beginner. Our carefully-curated pre-bootcamp content will teach you the necessary programming, statistics, machine learning and data science concepts to set you up for success.

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Data-related issues are often overlooked – even by practitioners. We emphasize on fundamentals of data exploration, visualization, feature engineering, quality, acquisition and sampling to give you a solid foundation to predictive analytics.

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Machine Learning

The curriculum covers a wide array of classification, regression, recommendation and unsupervised learning techniques. We emphasize on both of solid understanding of algorithms and their correct usage.

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Evaluation and Parameter Tuning

Correct choice of metrics and parameter tuning are essential to building robust predictive models. A combination of lecture, discussion and hands-on labs will ensure that you have the ability to choose the right metrics for your model and you can tune your machine learning model to make it more generalizable.

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Big Data and Streaming Analytics

Even data scientists need some data engineering skills. You will Hadoop cluster in the cloud and run Hive queries. You will also learn to build message queues and process data in real-time. At the end you will build an Internet of Things application.

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Kaggle Competition

All attendees compete in an in-class Kaggle competition. Attendees start with simple predictive models on day 2 culminating in models that perform clever feature engineering with a lot of parameter tuning. Winners are announced on the last day of the bootcamp.

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Exclusive Alumni Resources

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Receive four handbooks authored by our data scientists and engineers and three best-sellers to help you keep learning.

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Online Portal

Exclusive access to our online learning portal that contains advanced topics, tutorials, code samples, and reference material

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Our world-class mentoring team will help you participate in a Kaggle competition at the end of the bootcamp.

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Stay connected with our alumni spread across the world for collaboration and career opportunities!

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Bootcamp Attendees


Arham Akheel
Business Analyst
$250/ month
  • Working as a project manager with good management skills.
    "AXA Group"

Raja Iqbal
Chief Data Scientist
$500/ month
  • Working as a team leader with
    good team management skills.
    "AXA Group"

Rebecca Merrett
Data Scientist
$750/ month
  • Working as a sales manager with good selling skills.
    "AXA Group"

Tarun Shrivas
Data Scientist
$750/ month
  • Working as a sales manager with good selling skills.
    "AXA Group"

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5-day hands-on training
  • Learning Material
  • Sample Code
  • Kaggle Competition
  • Breakfast, lunch, and unlimited refreshments
  • 1-month access to learning portal
5-day hands-on training
  • All Dojo items +
  • Networking Dinner
  • 1-year access to learning portal
  • Software subscriptions during the bootcamp
  • Reference books
  • Recorded Lectures
  • Deliberate Practices
5-day hands-on training and mentoring
  • All Guru items +
  • Office hours
  • Mentoring for a data science project

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