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Data Science Dojo – Chicago, July 2017

Taylor Dove received his Bachelor of Science in Business & Business Finance from Indiana University – Bloomington.

  • Both instructors, Phuc and Dave, were extremely passionate about the material they were teaching and it showed. They also displayed a great amount of industry knowledge and are obviously very experienced in the tools and techniques they teach. I could definitely trust that the material they chose to present was the material that would be most useful to me in terms of applying data science to techniques in my current career. They were also both very good at explaining extremely complex concepts in laymen’s terms and the teaching style was definitely conducive to a collaborative atmosphere in the classroom and among the students.

    Taylor Dove – Topco Associates LLC


data science dojo reviews

Position: Market Intelligence Analyst

Employer: Topco Associates LLC

Education: Bachelor of Science – Business & Business Finance

Alma Mater: Indiana University – Bloomington

Cohort: Chicago, July 2017

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