Data Science Dojo Reviews | Bruno Gutierrez Varela

Data Science Dojo – Chicago, November 2017

Bruno Varela, an Analyst at Banco Itaú, graduated from Universidad de la Empresa in Contador Publico & Analista en Marketing.

  • One of the things you do when you get out of the bootcamp is to try to apply everything. And having the real feeling of doing that part on your own, and then coming back and asking questions to the teachers or the instructors is really helpful and I think it really improves your skills.

    Bruno Gutierrez Varela, Banco Itaú


data science dojo reviews

Position: Analyst

Employer: Banco Itau

Education: Contador Publico & Analista en Marketing

Alma Mater: Universidad de la Empresa

Cohort: Chicago, November 2017

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