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Generative AI and Data Storytelling


Generative AI and Data Storytelling is a deep dive into the fusion of cutting-edge AI technology, like ChatGPT, and compelling data narratives. We will explore how generative AI can take data analytics to the next level by creating rich, dynamic narratives that drive action and foster understanding. Whether you’re a business leader, data scientist, or enthusiast, this insightful session promises to enhance your grasp of today’s AI capabilities in data storytelling.

Here’s what you can expect from this session:

1. Understand the role of generative AI in enhancing data storytelling.
2. Learn techniques to generate dynamic, impactful narratives from complex datasets.
3. Discover how AI-aided storytelling can drive business efficiency.
4. Gain insights into leveraging AI for more effective data communication.

Generative AI-Data Storytelling-Andrew Madson
Andrew Madson

Senior Director, Data Analytics at Arizona State University

Andrew Madson is a data analytics leader and educator with over 18 years of professional experience in the financial industry. His deep expertise spans machine learning, AI governance, and strategic data analytics, having spearheaded data initiatives at several Fortune 500 companies. As a passionate educator, Andrew has taught thousands of graduate students data science and data analytics.

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