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We are always on the lookout for expert instructors and mentors to join our team. Be a part of one of the leading data science communities and share your knowledge with aspiring data sciences. At Data Science Dojo, we value our instructors. With our collaborative environment, flexible schedule, and continuous technical support, we aim to make data science accessible to everyone. Join our team of instructors and get a chance to expand your professional network.

Teaching Opportunities

Full-Time Instructor

Become a full-time member of our team and teach our top-rated programs. Stay involved with data science through our frequently occurring training programs.

Part-Time Instructor

Teach with us in your spare time. Be a part of our part-time instructor pool and help students learn data science with a flexible schedule.


Help our students and alumni with their data science problems. Mentor individuals or groups, based on your schedule, and share your love for data science.

Reasons to Teach with Us

Create an Impact

Share your knowledge with thousands of aspiring data scientists.

Expand Your Network

Be a part of a strong network of mentors and data science enthusiasts.

Teach Quality Programs

Design and deliver instructions for top-rated trainings, trusted by professionals.

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Add to Your Earnings

Get compensated for your time and effort and supplement your income.

How It Works

Show Your Interest
Fill out the form to apply for a teaching role that meets your schedule.
Get Hired
Talk to us, deliver a demo lesson, and showcase your teaching skills.
Prepare with Us
Work with our content development team to create engaging instructions.
Teach Data Science
Help aspiring data scientists by sharing your knowledge and experiences.

Our Upskilling Track Record

Not many data science training companies can claim to upskill more than 10,000 working professionals from 2500+ companies in 150+ countries. Well, we can!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to create any content. We will give you the content to review a couple of weeks before you teach.

You will get advanced notice for all the modules you teach. We usually notify our instructors a few weeks before they are scheduled to teach.
Absolutely. We’re happy to invite lecturers to different modules so that they can get a feel for our teaching style. We’re also happy to invite them to the module they will be teaching.
Yes, we always have an additional instructor and a few TA’s in the classroom just in case there are additional questions or technical difficulties.
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