Shaena Montanari – National Science Foundation (NSF)

Data Science Dojo Nonprofit Fellow – Chicago, October 2016

Shaena Montanari received her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Comparative Biology from the Richard Gilder Graduate School at the American Museum of National History.

  • I liked that I could ask questions right off the bat, I mean if you said “Oh, you can watch this lecture online so what’s the difference.”  Well I think that you can actually talk to the instructors and talk to your classmates and see what other people are doing with Big Data.  I also had a question about my own data set that I could ask, and I can’t do that to a computer or from just taking a course online.  I think 5 days, it might not seem like enough to the outsider but I think, I mean, I don’t use a ton of math at my work and I don’t do a lot of programming either.  I just used R to do some basic stats and now I’ve figured out all these different ways that I can use it, in just 5 days.  I would definitely recommend this bootcamp to non-profit professionals just because there’s, again, so much under-utilized data out there in those fields that just having a couple people in an organization or one person knowing about that; even just being aware of it, if they go back and they can maybe do a little bit more themselves, they know then maybe what to ask a consultant to do or someone to help them, or hire someone new to help them; even push it further, at least they’ll have an idea of what to ask for.  I think for a non-profit it would be super, incredibly useful to have this bootcamp.

    Shaena Montanari – National Science Foundation (NSF)


Shaena Montanari

Position: AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow

Employer: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Education: Ph.D. – Comparative Biology

Alma Mater: Richard Gilder Graduate School at the American Museum of National History

Cohort: Chicago, October 2016

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