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Learn more about Data Science Dojo from our alumni and how our programs helped them take the next step in their career.


Petro Tshakwanda | University of New Mexico
Analyst at 
There’s no doubt in my mind that I will be recommending the Data Science Dojo Bootcamp to others. The knowledge I gained from this training gave me quite a wide understanding of the practices in the field of Data Science and Data Engineering. I would like to thank Data Science Dojo Team for their wonderful work. Petro Mushidi Tshakwanda
Jeffrey Bierman
Assistant at 
Want a solid overview of common Python fundamentals for data analysis? Want down-to-earth instructors that are actually interested in their work, and you? Want to know how to evaluate data, clean it, visualize it, polish it, and feed it into a pipeline for machine learning? Want all of this in a five-day course? Look no further. I didn’t know lists from dictionaries before this, and now I have a lot of essential tools at my disposal to do bioinformatic analysis for my graduate research. Not only that, but all of the course material is available to me for an additional six months after the course ended, so I consider more than five days of instruction. Plus, the instructors make sure they are available to help you and set you up for success. Why go anywhere else, when your start is right here? – Jeffrey Bierman attended the Introduction to Python for Data Science
Ryan Eaton
Associate at 
I came to the bootcamp with a background in scientific data analysis hoping to broaden my understanding of predictive models and machine learning. Data Science Dojo surpassed my expectations through combination of in-person, discussion-oriented classes and practical, hands-on exercises. Modules on feature engineering and cross-validation techniques I found especially useful. From day one it was obvious that emphasis would be on algorithms and rationale underlying the predictive models covered over intricacies of the particular functions/libraries used to generate them. Though I had no trouble figuring out how to code to train and test models after working through the well-documented detailed exercises. All-in-all, Data Science Dojo is a strong choice for the student wanting to understand machine learning fundamentals.
Edwin Agbenyega
Research Executive at 
I appreciate how much effort was placed in making the resources available. All the teachers and assistants were very helpful and took time to address all the problems we had. It was also a very practical bootcamp since we got to participate in a kaggle datascience contest during the week. Overall, this was an awesome bootcamp!!- Edwin Agbenyega attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Robert Taylor
Research Executive at 
I attended the Data Science Dojo data science bootcamp in Albuquerque, NM in October 2019. This was an outstanding learning experience. Robert Taylor attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Student at 
I really liked it. It exposes you to many different tools and the online material is great. Daniel De Francisco Cabral attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Rita Abeyta
This bootcamp helped me to understand the essentials related to data science. It helps you understand the theory behind data science but also emphasizes that it’s all about the data and knowing your data. It was an all encompassing class. I learned so much that I hope to be able to utilize in the near future. Rita Abeyta attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Heather Mechler
Director at 
This bootcamp was the perfect opportunity for me to expand my data science skill set in a low pressure, high positivity environment. Heather Mechler attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Data Scientist at 
This Bootcamp brings me some hands on experience of machine learning on clouds, feature engineering for improving predictive models, and data engineering/pipelining – Yosuke Itani attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Miguel Gomez
Data Scientist at 
Taking this boot camp was one of my best decision. It was intensive but rewarding and I’ve met really great people. As I said on day one I did not have any knowledge about data science and after day 5 I have a solid foundation that I can apply in my current job. Thanks Raja and team. Miguel Gomez attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Student at 
I am currently a geneticist looking to transition into data science. This class specializes in the fundamental concepts of data science which is imperative when joining the field. I highly recommend this workshop, especially those starting in the field – Joel Nelson attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Vince Vardhanabhuti
Data Scientist at 
The philosophy of “data science is for everyone” I think is really true, actually. Because my background is not in statistics, it’s not in programming. This course has taught me that I don’t need to be accomplished in those things. This course tells me that there are tools out there that I can use and better utilize for analysis of big data. What this course helps you with the most is give you the confidence to be able to apply what you’ve learned – Vince Vardhanabhuti attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Ankur Gupta
Professor at 
This course really does cut through the typical misconception that math and CS is required to get started with tool use and algorithm understanding – Ankur Gupta attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Clive Darwell
Research Executive at 
Very clear, well-organised, and most critically, well-paced – Clive Darwell attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Nancy Duenas
Analyst at 
Data Science Dojo took me from “Google-fu” to knowing where to go next. The immersion and concentration of concepts and resources hone a ready learner to new passion for data science. From foundations, to execution of models, to big data- this bootcamp has all the fundamentals of a semester’s load of classes in five days! 10/10 will recommend! – Nancy Duenas attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Joy Ikeda
Analyst at 
A good in depth introduction into the mechanics and fundamentals of data science. Instructors are very engaging in a collaborative environment – Joy Ikeda attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Ardiana Sula
Executive Director at 
The data science boot camp was really interesting and I didn’t know that I will get into a lot of critical thinking, and learning and using new feature engineering – Ardiana Sula attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Professor at 
Everyone from Data Science Dojo was friendly, positive and went out of their way to be helpful. I was impressed with the enthusiasm and energy Raja consistently demonstrated from before 8 am until after 6pm every day of the week. It was a great week – Robyn Goodwin attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Dakota Hanka
Software Engineer at 
As a recent college graduate, this bootcamp was perfectly suited for me. I did not attend the camp with a specific goal in mind, business-related or otherwise. Instead, I wanted to learn as much as I could about the field of Data Science. I was interested in learning the underlying principles and how someone like me could become more involved, either as a hobby or a career path – Dakota Hanka attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
Lauren Cawlfield
Manager at 
Raja did a great job explaining complicated topics. I like that I came away understanding how the tuning parameters affect bias vs variance. I also liked the introduction to Azure as it would solve a lot of business problems if I could get my organization to adopt it – Lauren Cawlfield attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
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