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Data Science Dojo Alumni: Specialist Reviews

Learn more about Data Science Dojo from our alumni and how our programs helped them take the next step in their career.
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This was a great course, thoroughly covering the fundamentals of data science. The Data Science Dojo did a great job of putting together a course that builds progressively on each lesson. By the time the course ended, we were building predictive models in Azure and doing hands-on labs with our own real-time analytics pipeline. The instructors were great, and I was really impressed with the online learning platform. Highly recommend. Natalie Swendener attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp
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Data Science Dojo easily has the most knowledgeable instructors I have ever been taught by. They truly care about their students and what can be applicable rather than teach the buzz words people are looking up online. Every instructor takes as much time as they can to answer student questions and address any issues or problems. They are also very responsive through email and easily accessible for any inquiry. Tai Tram attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
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Thank you Raja and Data Science Dojo for such amazing experience! Having zero related background it was manageable for me to follow and understand the course due to well organized material structure and presentation. Intensive, interesting, interacting and definitely worth to attend! – Natalya Movile attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
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Did not expect this bootcamp to be as helpful as it was, really learned so much during a short period of time. Couldn’t believe I would be able to use and learn R in this short time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, if data science is what you want to understand and apply for personal use or at work – Hisham Almadhi attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
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True to their slogan: Data science for everyone – Ramzi Abdelmoula attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.
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Data Science Dojo is the best data science training you can get for your money outside top university programs – Ahmad Al-Benali attended Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp.