Data Science Dojo Reviews | Sharon Lane-Getaz

Data Science Dojo – Washington DC, June 2016

Sharon Lane-Getaz is an Associate Professor at St. Olaf College.

  • Data Science, as offered by Data Science Dojo, just is the perfect place or me to come and retool a little bit. At my school, we’re thinking about creating a data science intro course so I thought I would come and learn from some experts and see what people in the industry are doing and obviously ultimately my goal is that when my students graduate that they might be attractive to people in industry so I want to make sure that they’re learning the right things.

    Sharon Lane-Getaz – St. Olaf College


Data Science Dojo Reviews |

Position: Associate Professor

Employer: St. Olaf College

Education: PhD in Statistics Education

Alma Mater: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Cohort: Washington DC, June 2016

Data Science Dojo Reviews