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An Introduction to GPT-4O by OpenAI: The Promises and The Perils

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OpenAI has introduced its latest model, GPT4o, designed to experience the world alongside you. What sets this model apart is its ability to assist you in real time.

You can talk to it via audio or video call and receive help just as you would from a fellow human being.

In this week’s dispatch, we’ll explore how GPT-4o works and its potential impact on individuals and society.

Let’s dive in!


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How is GPT4o Different from GPT-4

OpenAI’s latest multimodal AI, GPT-4 Omni, is a significant advancement from its predecessors due to its unique training on multimodal data.

Unlike earlier versions, GPT-4 Omni uses a single neural network to handle text, vision, and audio inputs and outputs, enhancing its capability to process and generate data more effectively.

Previously, models like GPT-4 required separate models for voice interactions—one to transcribe audio to text, the main GPT model for text processing, and another to synthesize speech from text responses.

This often led to the loss of important context such as tone, background noise, and emotional subtleties.

Advantages of GPT-4 Omni

OpenAI’s Multimodal AI, GPT4o, is trained end-to-end on diverse data types to manage all inputs and outputs through a single neural network.

This integration significantly improves the model’s understanding and generation of human-like interactions across different communication forms, making it more effective for a variety of applications.

Performance of GPT4o

GPT-4o’s multimodality is toe-to-toe with the leading large multimodal models (LMMs) in terms of textual understanding, visual perception, and speech recognition.

Features of GPT-4o

In ChatGPT, you can access GPT-4o whilst enjoying some really cool features.

Features of GPT-4o
Features of GPT-4o | Multimodal AI

How Does GPT-4o Impact Individuals and the Society?

Now that we can communicate with AI in our daily lives, much like how we communicate and experience the world with humans, there are tons of exciting benefits ahead of us along with some grueling concerns.

Diving into the pros first, we can anticipate several interesting use cases in a number of industries.

Education: Applications powered with GPT-4o can act as personalized virtual tutors. They can help students learn and grasp concepts in real time. This can be a greatly viable solution for developing countries where the infrastructure and resources lack greatly.

Healthcare: Models can do your physical checkup, recognizing symptoms via visual cues and providing preliminary diagnoses or medical advice.

Read more about the use cases of GPT-4o here.

GPT-4o Compared to Samantha from Her

In the film Her, protagonist Theodore develops a deep, emotional bond with an AI named Samantha, who not only shares but enhances his experience of the world.

In a similar vein, OpenAI’s GPT-4 Omni mirrors Samantha’s capabilities in significant ways. The technology memorizes interactions, learns from them, and even recognizes social cues to offer emotional support—features once relegated to the realm of science fiction.

gpt4o Vs Samantha from Her
gpt4o Vs Samantha from Her

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Unpopular opinion: MS Excel was living in the generative AI era long before it started! 🙈

Excel Joke


Become an AI Engineer

Becoming an AI engineer is the best decision you can make for your career today. Given the exciting use cases of powerful models like GPT-4o, you can build winning applications that can change how the world works.

Here are all the skills you ought to master as an AI engineer.

How to become an AI Engineer

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gpt-4o, gpt4o
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