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Generative AI

Generative AI For Social Good: Unveil The Other Side

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As soon as generative AI made its entry, the fearmongers exceeded the people who appreciated the technology. Fears of a robotic apocalypse and AI taking away all the jobs freaked out everyone. Read more

But just a year later, the narrative has shifted dramatically from dystopian fears to optimistic visions of a better world, thanks to the potential of AI for social good.

Indeed, the promise of generative AI to improve society is substantial.

McKinsey reports that AI now boasts over 600 use cases that could significantly advance the United Nations’ sustainable development goals—a sharp increase from the 170 use cases identified before 2018, with 80% of these new applications already deployed.

Let’s explore how the generative capabilities of AI are set to make a positive impact.


The Scope of Generative AI for Social Good

Artificial Intelligence is poised to enhance social well-being, but with generative AI, we’re aiming even higher.

This technology is being utilized to address all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals—from eradicating poverty to fostering sustainable cities and ensuring quality education for all.

Generative AI for Social Good
Source: McKinsey and Company

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Benefits of AI in Education

Generative AI will impact the education system as a whole whereby the lives of students, teachers, administrators, and course creators will be largely affected.

The advanced generative capabilities of GenAI enable the customization of learning materials, exercises, and other educational resources to meet the unique needs of each child on a large scale. This personalized approach ensures that education is tailored and accessible to everyone.

Read more on the benefits of AI in education:

From Chalkboards to Chatbots: The Role of Generative AI in Education


How Generative AI Can Help People with Disabilities

Generative AI also promises to revolutionize support for about 1.3 billion people with disabilities, who have historically been overlooked by many organizational initiatives.

Despite ongoing labor shortages, unemployment among capable individuals with disabilities remains high at 80%.

Generative AI platforms, like OurAbility, are helping these individuals secure employment by leveraging AI-powered chatbots to assist in job searches and application processes.

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Challenges and Risks of Scaling AI for Social Good

Scaling AI for social good is fraught with challenges. The main hurdles include:

  • Data Challenges: There’s a crucial need for accessible, high-quality data to effectively deploy AI.
  • Talent Scarcity: There is a shortage of AI professionals available to social organizations.
  • Organizational Resistance: Many organizations struggle with the adoption and integration of new AI technologies.

Moreover, the potential for AI to generate inaccurate outputs, propagate biases, spread misinformation, and be used maliciously adds significant risk, particularly in not-for-profit sectors concerned with socio-economic impacts such as job displacement.

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Benefits of AI in Healthcare

Generative AI is set to transform healthcare with predictions of impacting the sector by as much as $1 trillion.

Here’s a great discussion where Dr. Harvey Castro, MD, MBA., Author of AI in Healthcare, discusses the transformative potential, particularly in emergency medicine, illustrating how AI like ChatGPT can aid in diagnostics and treatment planning.

AI for social good | Benefits of AI in Healthcare
Benefits of AI in Healthcare | Live Event

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Let’s end this week with some attention-grabbing headlines in the AI-verse.

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Generative AI
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