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From Chalkboards to Chatbots: The Role of Generative AI in Education

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Myth Alert: Education Endangered by AI.

Concerned that your children might bypass learning to rely solely on ChatGPT? Fearful that the education system should bar AI tools for preserving learning integrity?


Pause and consider this: Is our global education system without its issues?

Certainly not. We’re confronted with challenges like unequal access to education, teacher burnout, and the struggle to accommodate the diverse learning needs of every student.

Far from adding to these problems, generative AI in education offers a hopeful solution. It’s ready to tackle these deep-rooted challenges.

Let’s explore how AI is changing education for the better.


Impact of Generative AI in Education

Generative AI will impact the education system as a whole whereby the lives of students, teachers, administrators, and course creators will be largely affected.

How will Generative AI Transform the Lives of Students?

Every student is unique, with their own set of strengths, likes, and challenges. Yet, our education system often tries to squeeze everyone into the same box, leaving behind anyone who doesn’t quite fit that mold.

However, the extensive generative capabilities of GenAI will allow us to cater to the different needs of every child. This means we can personalize learning materials, exercises, and other educational resources at scale.

Impact of Generative AI on Students
Impact of Generative AI on Students | Impact of Generative AI in Education

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How Significant Can This Change Be?

Personalization in education takes the performance of children to a new level.

According to the Bloom 2 Sigma problem, an average student tutored one-to-one using mastery learning techniques performs two standard deviations better than students educated in a classroom environment.

Bloom 2 Sigma Problem | Impact of generative AI in education
Bloom 2 Sigma Problem

Hence, it is imperative that as generative AI will promote more personalized education, we will likely see children blooming in a whole new way!

How Will the Teachers be Impacted by Generative AI in Education?

Generative AI is on track to significantly lighten the load for educators, taking over the time-consuming tasks of grading and administrative work.

This shift will allow teachers to devote their energy to what they do best: teaching, mentoring, and inspiring their students.


Impact of Generative AI on Teachers
Impact of Generative AI on Teachers | Impact of Generative AI in Education

Popular Generative AI Tools in Ed-Tech Landscape

Several ed-tech tools are already leveraging generative AI. For example:

  • Duolingo leverages generative AI to create personalized learning experiences for young children.
  • Khan Academy has launched Khanmigo, an AI tutor that assists young students in various subjects on its platform.

Here are some interesting tools that you can explore:

Generative AI Powered EdTech Tools | ChatGPT in Education
Generative AI-Powered EdTech Tools

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Should Students Use ChatGPT in Education?

How should we navigate the use of tools like ChatGPT among children?

Discover insights as Luis Serrano, Founder of the Serrano Academy and one of the top educators in machine learning, shares his life experience, and his views on how should we deal with the use of tools like ChatGPT among children.

Popular AI Scientist Luis Serrano on Generative AI, Math, Education, Career, Society with Raja Iqbal
Popular AI Scientist Luis Serrano on Generative AI in Education, Math, Career, Society

According to Luis, it is inevitable for students to use generative AI in education. So, instead of stopping them, we should join them and find solutions that will benefit everyone!

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Sometimes it is ‘learn as you go’.

From Chalkboards to Chatbots: The Role of Generative AI in Education | Data Science Dojo


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