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See more about the perks that come in our different data science bootcamp packages.

What we offer is more than just a bootcamp. The Data Science Dojo experience is crafted to give you resources that extend your journey beyond our 1-week training. Learn more about all you get with each package.
Backpacks and swagStudents receive a bevy of fun items to help them focus on their learningDojo , Guru, Sensei , CITREP
Forgot a notebook? No problem. Left your charger at home? We got you covered! 

We give you a high-quality backpack to keep all your learning materials in, plus a few bonus items. Swag varies by bootcamp (and we are always trying new items). Your goodies may include: Notebooks, Stylus pens, Mugs, Lanyards, Phone wallets, Chargers, and more!
Bootcamp-KitsMaterials, Bootcamp, Goodies
Breakfast lunch and refreshments2 meals, coffee, refreshments, and various snacks throughout the day.Dojo , Guru, Sensei , CITREP
We will keep you fueled so you can focus on learning with coffee, refreshments, and various snacks throughout the day.
Like with data science, we do our best to serve everyone. Customizations are made according to dietary needs, including vegan, gluten free, allergies and more.
Breakfast lunch and refreshments | DSDBootcamp, Accomodations, Goodies
CertificateA certificate to verify your completion of the trainingDojo , Guru, Sensei , CITREP
Once you have completed our training, you will be issued a certificate that you can print or add to your LinkedIn profile for others to see. This includes an individual verification link for each certificate, so employers can easily check your certification.
Note: the certificate does not represent official academic credit. See the UNM Certificate for an option that is backed by an accredited university
Certificate | DSDMaterials, Digital, Post-Bootcamp
Course Git Repository Sample CodeThis git repository contains code samples in R and python, sample datasets, slides, demos and more.Dojo , Guru, Sensei , CITREP
This git repository contains code samples in R and python, sample datasets, slides, demos and other resources needed during and after the bootcamp.
Git Repository | DSDDigital, Bootcamp, Code, Learning Resources
Deliberate practicesGet exclusive industry insight from our instructors on the best practices when applying data science.Guru, Sensei , CITREP
Get exclusive industry insight from our instructors on the best practices when applying data science.
Deliberate practices | DSDDigital, Bootcamp, Learning Resources, Online Platform, Code Samples
Jupyter notebookCoding tool for working with R and PythonDojo , Guru, Sensei , CITREPJupyter notebook is a coding tool which allows you to write your code, run your code, and save the output in the same document. You can use Jupyter notebooks to code in R as well as Python. Jupyter notebook allows you to divide your code in different sections known as code-chunks. Each code chunk can be run one at a time and the corresponding code output gets saved just below that code-chunk. The output can be in any format: any data visualizations, any model summary, and any other calculations etc. It also allows you to record your interpretations  and comments in the same document.  You can save, print, and download a Jupyter notebook and share with others.Jupyter notebook | DSDDigital, Bootcamp, Learning Resources, Code Samples
Kaggle competition - In classPut your new skills into practice with a cioding compettion at the bootcampDojo , Guru, Sensei , CITREP
Data science is a hands-on skill. You will participate in an in-class Kaggle competition and compete with other members of your cohort. Winners are rewarded with cool prizes!
Kaggle competition | DSDBootcamp, Instructed, Learning Resources
Kaggle competition - MentoredA mentored test of your coding skills after the bootcampSensei , CITREPThough the course is finished, the learning is not. The only way to become a data scientist is to practice data science, and one of the best ways to practice data science is Kaggle. After the bootcamp, we will ask you to form a team of 3-4 other cohort members to participate in another Kaggle competition. You will be mentored by our experienced mentoring team. Kaggle competition | DSDPost-Bootcamp, Instructed, Learning Resources
Lab manuals / Handbooks4 custom handbooks written by your instructorsDojo, Guru, Sensei, Green Belt, Brown Belt, Black Belt, SkillsFuture, UNM, CITREP
Our 4 lab manuals include practical exercises to try throughout class: 
  • Applied Statistics for Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Data Science in the Cloud
  • Big Data Tools for Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Real-Time Analytics for Business Intelligence
Handbooks | DSDMaterials, Bootcamp, Learning Resources, Books
Learning materialA folder with extra tools to help you learnDojo , Guru, Sensei , CITREPYou also get a folder full of cheat sheets, course outline, a postcard, information about our bootcamp, and a business card to contact your instructors.Learning material | DSDMaterials, Bootcamp, Learning Resources, Goodies
Learning Portal Access*An online learning platform full of digital contentDojo , Guru, Sensei , CITREP
Solidify your learning by watching tutorials and studying exclusive content before/during/after the bootcamp. You get exclusive access to advanced topics, tutorials, quizzes, code samples, and reference material.
* Access time varies. See comparison.
Learning Portal Access | DSDDigital, Pre-Bootcamp, Post-Bootcamp, Bootcamp, Learning Resources, Online Platform
Learning Portal HomeworkKeep learning after you go homeDojo , Guru, Sensei , CITREP10 hours of (optional) post-bootcamp coursework. Solidify your learning with access to slides , quizzes, and advanced topics!Learning Portal Homework | DSDDigital, Post-Bootcamp, Learning Resources, Online Platform
Learning Portal Preparatory MaterialLessons to prepare ANYONE for our bootcampDojo , Guru, Sensei , CITREP 10 hours of coursework to prepare you for the bootcamp Introduction to Big Data, Data Science, and Predictive Analytics Introduction to Azure ML Studio Fundamentals of Data Mining Introduction to R Programming Introduction to Amazon Machine LearningLearning Portal Preparatory Material | DSDDigital, Pre-Bootcamp, Learning Resources, Online Platform
Networking dinnerDinner hosted by Data Science Dojo to allow you to network with other attendees during the bootcampGuru, Sensei , CITREP
Join us for a night of networking with dinner on us! We will serve you a meal at a high-quality restaurant with your instructors and other attendees.
Networking dinner | DSDEvents, Accomodations, Networking, Goodies
Networking opportunitiesOur bootcamp is designed for working professionals, which means each cohort is its own powerful networking community.Dojo , Guru, CITREP
In addition to the 5-day training, you will have ample opportunity to network with the peers in your cohort. Our bootcamp is designed for working professionals, which means each cohort is its own powerful networking community.
Networking opportunities | DSDEvents, Bootcamp, Post-Bootcamp, Networking
Networking opportunities - Alumni LinkedIn NetworkAlumni-exclusive LinkedIn group for career and collaboration opportunitiesDojo , Guru, Sensei , CITREPAlumni will be invited to join our private alumni LinkedIn group. With more than 1000 members, you can post updates about your data science journey and stay tuned to data science news and opportunities.Alumni LinkedIn | DSDDigital, Bootcamp, Post-Bootcamp, Networking
Networking opportunities - Chat GroupsChat, IM and conferencing platform for collaborating on data science projectsDojo , Guru, Sensei , CITREPWe have a custom chat platform for all bootcamp attendees, alumni, and community members. Use it to network, goof around, or get assistance from instructors and staff.Chat Groups | DSDDigital, Pre-Bootcamp, Post-Bootcamp, Bootcamp, Networking, Learning Resources
Networking opportunities - MeetupsAlumni-exclusive live webinars, tutorials, networking eventsDojo , Guru, Sensei , CITREPWe hold meetups open to everyone on the latest tools, techniques, and state-of-the-art technologies in data science. Find other data science enthusiasts near you by attending our monthly events, or watch our live streams online to take part in our community from the comfort of home.Meetups | DSDEvents, Instructed, Networking
Office hoursOffice hours to support you after the bootcampSensei , CITREP
Have questions with any of the topics covered in the bootcamp? We can help with two half-hour sessions with one of our instructors.
Office hours | DSDDigital, Instructed, Learning Resources, Post-bootcamp
Recorded LecturesRecording of entire bootcamp to help you revisit bootcampGuru, Sensei , CITREP
Watch recorded videos for all sessions after the bootcamp to revisit concepts. * Access time varies. See comparison.
Recorded Lectures | DSDDigital, Post-Bootcamp, Learning Resources, Online Platform
Reference booksGenerous giveaway of the top-selling booksDojo , Guru, Sensei , CITREP
Textbooks for your reference during and after the bootcamp.Books include:
  1. R for Everyone by Jared P. Lander
  2. The Cartoon Guide to Statistics by Larry Gonick and Woollcott Smith
  3. Predictive Analytics by Eric Siegel
Reference books | DSDMaterials, Bootcamp, Books, Learning Resources, Books, Goodies
Skillsfuture CITREPWe are a Singapore SkillsFuture CITREP+ certified training providerCITREPOur Singapore bootcamp is endorsed under Singapore’s CITREP+ SkillsFuture Series. Citizens of Singapore and permanent residents may qualify to have their bootcamp supported by this government skills training program. CITREP | DSDBootcamp, Accomodations
Software subscriptionsSoftware subscriptions and licences during the bootcampGuru, Sensei , CITREP
We will provide any software subscriptions needed for creating Hadoop clusters, message queues, real-time stream processors, and cloud-based machine learning during the bootcamp.
Software subscriptions | DSDDigital, Bootcamp, Learning Resources
University of New Mexico Continuing Education Certificate*Certificate from an accredited universityUniversity of New Mexico Certificate ProgramThe Data Science Bootcamp in Albuquerque New Mexico offers a certificate program that is backed by an accredited university. You will be issued your certificate the same as any other bootcamp. This certificate will show you have completed the course through the University of New Mexico's continuing education program.
Having accredited certification may be helpful if you are applying for jobs that require certification.
Note: the certificate does not represent official University of New Mexico academic credit. However, it does apply for University of New Mexico Continuing Education credit hours. The number of credits is based on the number of hours. (1 CEU =10 contact hours)
University of New Mexico Continuing Education Certificate | DSDMaterials, Digital, Post-Bootcamp
WebinarsLive webinar lessons from our instructors, exclusive to alumniDojo , Guru, Sensei , CITREPYour learning doesn’t end on Day 5. In addition to 20 hours of additional post-bootcamp coursework in your learning platform, students receive invitations to live webinars exclusive for alumni.Webinars | DSDDigital, Events, Instructed, Post-Bootcamp, Learning Resources, Online Platform
Customer Success ManagementA Data Science Dojo advisor help you figure out how to apply what you will learn during the bootcamp, and more!Dojo , Guru, SenseiGet bootcamp advising and speak with a data science dojo advisor! Let us help you figure out if the bootcamp is right for you, how to apply what you will learn during the bootcamp, and which pricing makes the most sense for you. We’ll answer all of your questions regarding prerequisites, curriculum and learning outcomes, pricing options and financing, and if this bootcamp is a “good fit”.Customer Success Management | DSDPre-Bootcamp, Instructed

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