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We post written and video blogs created by Data Science Dojo members and guest writers on a weekly basis. Topics range from tutorial walk-through, to resource recommendations, to thoughtful meditations on the value of data science in the global community and more! We recommend you take a look and learn something new.


Learn how to transform your data, build a machine learning model, data mine, and carry out other data science processes using R, Python, Azure ML, AWS, Hadoop, and more. We offer video tutorials on every topic covered in our bootcamp and beyond, so if you hold any inkling of curiosity about data science, we hope you’ll find the video for your needs.


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We offer fellowships to non-profit professionals dedicated to using data science to improve lives. Fellows are not required to become data scientists—instead, they use the skills that they develop at our bootcamp to enhance their existing research projects, increase workplace efficiency, and highlight how understanding data can help society.


We hold meetups open to everyone on the latest tools, techniques, and state-of-the-art technologies in data science. Find other data science enthusiasts near you by attending our monthly events, or watch our live streams online to take part in our community from the comfort of home.


Data science talent is in high demand, given the recent burst of interest in big data and machine learning, so companies in a range of industries are always looking for data science experts. Find your next career opportunity with a database of open positions posted by trusted partners around the world.


Data science may be accessible for everyone, but there’s no shame in hitting a road block. If you have a question regarding the theories or programs that allow you to work with data, a member of our instructional team or a fellow enthusiast will point you in the right direction. Check out our forum and join the discussion today.

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