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Redash: A turnkey solution to easy data analysis

August 16, 2022

Data Science Dojo has launched one of the most in-demand data analytics software, Redash as a virtual machine offer on the Azure Marketplace.


With the rising complexity of the data, organizations must have complete control over their data. Sometimes there is a hindrance for the analysts in the specific use cases. Especially when working internally with a dedicated team that requires unlimited access to information. A solution is needed to perform the data-driven tasks efficiently and extract actionable insights.

What is Redash?

Redash, a data analytics tool, assists organizations to become more data-driven by providing tools to democratize data access. It simplifies the creation of dashboards and makes visualizations of your data by connecting to any data source. 

Data analysis with Redash

As a Business Intelligence tool, it has more powerful integration capabilities than other Data Analytics platforms, making it a favorite among businesses that have implemented a variety of apps to manage their business processes. Similarly, according to the reviewer’s point-of-view, they found it to be more user-friendly, manageable, and business-friendly in comparison with other platforms.

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analytics graphs
Data Analytics with Redash

Key features of Redash

  • It offers a user-friendly graphical user interface to carry out complex tasks with a few clicks.
  • Allows users to deal with small as well as big data, it supports many SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • The Query Editor allows users to query the database by utilizing the Schema Browser and autocomplete features.
  • Users can utilize the drag-and-drop feature to build visualizations (like charts, boxplot, cohort, counter, etc.) and then merge them into a single dashboard.
  • Enables peer evaluation of reports and searches and makes it simple for users to share visualizations and the queries that go with them.
  • Allows charts and dashboards to be updated automatically at defined time intervals.

Redash with Azure Services

It leverages the power of Azure services to make the procedure of integration with data sources quickly. Write SQL queries to pull subsets of data for visualizations and plot different charts and share dashboards within the organization with greater ease.


Other open-source business intelligence solutions put strong competition on Redash. Deciding to invest in business intelligence and data analysis tool can be challenging because all corporate departments, including product, finance, marketing, and others, now use multiple platforms to carry out day-to-day operations and carry out analytics tasks to strengthen their control over data.

At Data Science Dojo, we deliver data science education, consulting, and technical services to increase the power of data. We, therefore, know the importance of data and encapsulated insights. Through this offer, we are confident that you can analyze, visualize, and query your data in a collaborative environment with greater easeInstall the Redash offer now from the Azure Marketplace by Data Science Dojo, your ideal companion in your journey to learn data science!

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