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The T Shaped Data Scientist – How going deep and broad can be your secret to success


Many people believe that you have to either be a specialist or a generalist. An expert or a jack-or-jill of all trades. But those who can do both, who can balance these seemingly contradictory beliefs, consistently outperform. Matt Coatney, a C-level technology executive, and AI practitioner talk about his own journey and missteps, and how a multi-disciplinary approach including deep technical expertise and core skills led him to personal and professional success.

Matthew Coatney - Data Science Dojo
Matthew Coatney

C-Level Technology Executive

Matthew Coatney helps leaders prepare for and thrive in the future of work. He is co-author of the HarperCollins Leadership book The Human Cloud: How Today’s Changemakers Use Artificial Intelligence and the Freelance Economy to Transform Work. He is a frequent speaker and contributor on business strategy and technology, including media pieces, published works, a TED talk, and numerous keynotes and other talks. His leadership and technology experience spans over two decades. He has served as CIO and CTO for large global corporations, launched over a dozen AI products, founded multiple companies, and led and advised early-stage and high-growth companies.

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