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Six Business Skills Critical for Data Scientists


This talk will introduce¬†the foundational business skills you’ll need to deliver business value and grow your career as an analyst or data scientist. Drawing on best practices, published research, case studies, and personal anecdotes from two decades of industry experience, David Stephenson will give an overview of foundational skills related to Company, Colleagues, Storytelling, Expectations, Results, and Careers–emphasizing how each topic relates to your unique position as an analytics professional within a larger corporation.

David Stephenson
David Stephenson has over 20 years of experience leading analytics initiatives across a wide range of industries, including as Head of Global Business Analytics at eBay Classifieds Group. In addition to consulting for dozens of companies, including Adidas, Miro, ABN Amro, and Sky Broadcasting, Dr. Stephenson also serves as part time faculty at the University of Amsterdam Business School and has developed and delivered data science trainings for hundreds of analytics professionals around the globe.

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