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Introduction to C# Language Integrated Query (LINQ)


Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) is a feature of the C# programming language that lets you work with data with SQL-like syntax. This presentation starts with the basic syntax of a LINQ query. You’ll also learn about core features like filters, joins, and grouping. Additionally, you’ll see how LINQ has a comprehensive set of standard operators for whatever you need to do with data. After this presentation, you’ll understand how LINQ can help with data manipulation tasks.

Joe Mayo - Data Science Dojo
Joe Mayo

Author, Instructor, Independent Consultant

Joe Mayo is an author, instructor, and independent consultant who has been working with C# and .NET since its announcement in the summer of the year 2000. As an independent consultant, he’s worked with a variety of organizations from startups to fortune 500 enterprises. His experience in this journey includes desktop, web, mobile, cloud, and AI technologies. In addition to the practical hands-on application, he’s also taught C# and .NET for years via in-person, live video, and recorded video courses. His top open-source project is LINQ to Twitter (on GitHub), with around 2M NuGet downloads. When Joe isn’t serving valued customers, he contributes to the community through Q&A forums, presenting, and (one of his favorite pastimes) writing. He has written several C# and .NET books and his latest book is C# Cookbook: Modern Recipes for Professional Developers/O’Reilly.

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