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Foundation Models and Generative AI


Foundation Models have taken the industry by storm. Large Language Models like GPT, Dall-e, and Stable Diffusion are helping shape new product ideas and opening doors to new business models.

In collaboration with Data Science Dojo and Redis, OPEN Seattle is excited to host Jon Turow, a Partner from Madrona Venture Group to talk about Foundation Models. Join us for an evening with Jon as we explore the world of Foundation Models and Generative AI. Jon will tell us how the landscape is evolving and causing startups and enterprises to think differently. You will be learning how investors are looking at this space, and identifying where value will accrue.

Note: This is an in-person event that will be live-streamed.

Jon Turow
Jon Turow

Partner at Madrona Venture Group

Jon is an experienced product leader, having spent over a decade in cloud computing. Most recently, Jon led the product teams for AWS Computer Vision AI services, including Amazon Textract (AI for intelligent document processing) and Amazon Rekognition (highly accurate image and video analysis). He also wrote the original product and business plans for AWS IoT and AWS Greengrass, which extend AWS services to run locally on edge devices. Jon launched more than five new services and countless features in AI/ML, edge computing, IoT, and messaging during his time at Amazon. Jon co-founded and led a cloud telephony startup prior to Amazon.

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