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Build Your Own ChatGPT with Llama Index


After the resounding success of our previous live session Build Your Own ChatGPT with Redis and LangChain, we’re thrilled to present an exciting new edition of Build Your Own ChatGPT with Llama Index.

This engaging live tutorial brings you an exciting opportunity to explore the realm of AI by creating your own personalized chatbot. Llama Index, a cutting-edge AI platform, will be at the core, providing seamless orchestration capabilities to unlock AI’s full potential.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned coder, join this session to learn the tools and techniques to develop your very own ChatGPT. This hands-on tutorial, guided by data science experts, will equip you with step-by-step instructions, practical examples, and insightful explanations to create a fully functional chatbot powered by advanced AI technology. Embrace the AI revolution with Llama Index and take your chatbot to new heights.

Zaid Ahmed-ChatGPT-Llama-LLMs-Generative AI
Zaid Ahmed

Data Scientist | 5x Azure Solution Architect

Zaid Ahmed is a talented full stack data scientist. His unparalleled proficiency in Software Engineering and Data Science, honed through his distinguished career at Data Science Dojo is truly exceptional. His comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in machine learning and data science make him the perfect mentor for anyone eager to delve into the realm of conversational AI.

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