What is the cost for the Toronto bootcamp?


For the Toronto bootcamp, we offer 5 day-long courses at CAD$999.99 each OR you can register for all 5-days at a discounted price! The 5-day bundle is equivalent to the Guru Package.

Why is the pricing different for Toronto?

Due to the Private Colleges Act of Ontario, we have had to split up our 5-Day Data Science Bootcamp into 5 separate packages. Note, these are the same 5 days as the 5-Day Bootcamp, split up by day. You can find what is covered during each day on our curriculum.

For our Data Science Training in Toronto, we offer 5 separate packages for each day of our public 5-day bootcamp, or you can register for the full 5-day bootcamp as a bundle!

Compare options for the Toronto Data Science Bootcamp. Our curriculum is covered in 5 day-long courses.

Package Comparison Breakdown

Day 1: August 19 – Predictive Modeling: An Introduction

Day 2: August 20 – Building Robust ML Models

Day 3: August 21 – Unsupervised Learning and Text Analytics

Day 4: August 22 – Regression and Ranking

Day 5: August 23 – Data Engineering

Guru: August 19 – 23 – Package bundle includes all topics during the 5 days, learning material and many more add-ons

For a deeper dive into the modules that are covered each day, take a look at our curriculum!

What is included in the 5-Day Bundle?

Register for all 5 days and get a discount! You can compare this bundle to our Guru package.


  • Learning Material
  • Sample Code
  • Kaggle Competition
  • Breakfast, lunch, and unlimited refreshments
  • Networking Dinner
  • 1-year access to learning portal
  • Software subscriptions during the bootcamp
  • Reference books
  • Recorded Lectures
  • Deliberate Practices

The 5-day bootcamp runs Monday, August 19 – Friday, August 23, from 8am – 6pm, with breakfast, lunch, and a morning and afternoon break each day.

Not sure which package to sign up for? Speak with an instructor!

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