Walter Kissling

Walter Kissling


The bootcamp had examples of situations where predictive analytics was being used, which gave me ideas on how I could apply predictive analytics to my own projects. It also exposed me to a variety of technologies which I had never used before; such as: Hive, HBase, and Hadoop. Most importantly, the bootcamp gave me a solid understanding of big data, predictive analytics, and resources I can use use to further expand my knowledge in the subject matter.

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The atmosphere provided to us was very welcoming and not at all intimidating. Everyone was very helpful and understanding! I enjoyed the opportunity to meet like-minded people and the chance for...
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Jay Yamakawa
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The atmosphere it’s been heavily interactive, you know. So it’s not a one-sided kind of lecture mode which I personally hate. The participants are also telling their own experience of...
Dr. Arindam Sen
Dr. Arindam Sen
Vice President
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