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Satakarni Bommuluri

Norfolk Southern Corporation

Online courses are flexible and that is good, but the thing is it is not only the motivation factor but it is also the confidence factor. So, what I’m learning can I really apply it, because there is no human discussion or interaction there. So then, mix those both here at data science dojo, in one week, it gives a complete platform for you. That’s why I recommend it.

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Excellent training, I enjoyed the course a lot, it clarified data science and machine learning concepts and practice for me.
J. Miguel Hidalgo
J. Miguel Hidalgo
Latin America Operations Excellence Manager
Both instructors, Phuc and Dave, were extremely passionate about the material they were teaching and it showed. They also displayed a great amount of industry knowledge and are obviously very...
Taylor Dove web
Taylor Dove
Financial Analyst
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