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Rashaw Williams

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Mohamed Almoghalis
VP of Technology
Learn the basics, practice, and experience how IT firms take Data Science and Machine Learning theory into action. Use this knowledge in your business environment.
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Excellent course! Perfect foundation to train my entire team of data scientists/analysts. We now have a common knowledge and common set of tools for our daily assignments. We’re looking forward to seeing the full impact of this boot camp over the next several months.
Yogi Ishwara
Yogi Ishwara
Information System Auditor
It was a great experience for increasing the expertise on data science. The abstract concepts were explained well and always focused on real applications and business cases. The pace was adjusted as needed to let everyone follow the topics. Week was intense as there are many topics to cover but schedule was well managed to optimize people attention.
Mona Lam Deslippe
Mona Lam Deslippe
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