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Rajesh Patil


This has been one of the best training sessions that I have attended. Both Raja and Phuc share great passion towards teaching and cover a variety of topics from Novice to exposure to expert level of data science in the bootcamp. The course is very well structured with emphasis on fundamentals in data science and machine learning along with practical implementation using the contemporary technology. I would love to attend an next advanced version of this course, if they plan one. Truly enjoyed the week at bootcamp!!

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Loved the hands on work, especially setting up API in Azure, and other stuff mostly in Azure. I would like to see additional courses with more focus… Like a 201
Ken Hunt
Ken Hunt
Marketing Director, Reporting, Analytics & Data
I cannot say enough good things about the Data Science Dojo bootcamp. The instructors were knowledgable and engaging, and the material was not only relevant but extremely interesting. I thought...
Jaclyn Harwood
Jaclyn Harwood
Data Analyst
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