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Patrick Butler

2060 Digital

After 5 days, I can definitely say that I’m ready to get started on applying some data science techniques to my position. Admittedly, I even started doing it half way through the bootcamp. So, one of the great things about Data Science Dojo is that we are using an hands-on approach, actually getting into the code and creating things that I can take back and use on a day to day basis.

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Mohammed Abdul-Gaffoor
Sr. Director of Engineering
I was looking for something that I can get quick to get a feel for the data science, but I think I almost got what I would get from attending a one-year worth of courses.
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Ariel Erijman
Ariel Erijman
Postdoctoral Development Scientist
It was a great experience for increasing the expertise on data science. The abstract concepts were e...
Miguel Uribe
Miguel Uribe
Principal PM Manager
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