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Omar Ali

EDP Renewables

After this crash-course on the fundamentals of predictive analytics, I can now confidently implement predictive models at work. Because of this bootcamp, I have a solid understanding of machine learning and extremely useful algorithms to get started. I also have a great basis for where to continue learning and benefit my skills in predictive analytics and machine learning. Overall, I would highly recommend anyone with a strong passion for data science to attend.

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Dylan Pierce
Head of Trust & Security
[The bootcamp] is pretty intense, but you know at the end of the day you’ve learned pretty much a college course in like five days, which is pretty incredible.
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The bootcamp is awesome. It gives a strong foundation skills, to start our journey in data science. ...
Saritha VETSA
Saritha Vetsa
Software Engineer II
The course has really given me a passion to pursue more of the data science world. Because I know wh...
Louell Uy
Louell Uy
Mining Engineer Consultant
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