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Olusegun Lawal

Chevron Nigeria Limited

The instructor is knowledgeable and the peers are encouraging. [They were] quick to help assist me with some of my problems and struggles I was having. And were able to explain in a simple, clear language.

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Vince Vardhanabhuti
Radiologist and Data Scientist
The philosophy of “data science is for everyone” I think is really true, actually. Because my background is not in statistics, it’s not in programming. This course has taught me that I don’t need to be accomplished in those things. This course tells me that there are tools out there that I can use and better utilize for analysis of big data. What this course helps you with the most is give you the confidence to be able to apply what you’ve learned.
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I recommend this bootcamp definitely for the way it’s being taught. It is different from universit...
Sergei Lebedev
Sergei Lebedev
Senior Data Warehouse Analyst
Dave and Phuc are a great combination of deep data science and experience that work well together in...
Stewart Teed
Stewart Teed
VP, IT Project Manager, Consumer Banking and Analytics
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