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Mohamed Kashkoush

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

My favorite part in this course is really the discussions that are initiated by Raja. Really, these are very, very deep, and insightful discussions. I also got introduced to the subject of big data analysis and big data processing using Hadoop. I’m not claiming that I’m now an expert in these fields, but at least I got the basics, and from now on I can start doing this on my own.

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Patrick Moss
It felt nice sitting in the back of a classroom and having someone to listen to and learn something new. But also meeting other people here and understanding what they’re doing. I won’t walk out of here, like, ready to do data science, but I think it has told me what exists and it’s up to me to fully learn it and then implement it into what I do.
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Thank you for such a wonderful course. It is a real data science bootcamp worth spending a week on!
Slah Alsaleh
Slah Alsaleh
Vice Dean, Academic Partnerships, Common First Year
This training was even better than I expected – I am pleasantly surprised to be leaving with more ...
Dustin Cox v2
Dustin Cox
Senior Business Manager, Chief of Staff for Americas Operations
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