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Marko Topalovic

KU Leuven

I came to the Data Science Dojo because I wanted to broad my knowledge because i already have some knowledge in machine learning but I wanted to learn what is out there and I can apply maybe on my research. I got more confidence because previously there were so many things that I just heard about but now I know how it looks like to use these techniques, I don’t know if I have enough knowledge to build a whole system from scratch but I at least have guidelines how should I do this

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Camillo Giovannini
Audit & Forensic Leader
It’s a big world, but when you come here you will really learn, what, step-by-step, you can start doing something with. I come here and now I know how to do a machine learning model. I mean, it’s fantastic.
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I would recommend this course to anyone looking to begin in the data science space. Fantastic week!
Jason DeBruin
Jason DeBruin
Research Scientist
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