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President and Founder – Estacion Vital

Marcos Lacayo is the President and Founder of Estacion Vital.

  • My name is Marcos Lacayo. I am from Nicaragua. I’m an entrepreneur and in health care. I started a company called Estación Vital. I looked into, you know, masters and doctorate, and this and that. With the curriculum that I saw at Data Science Dojo pretty much this is exactly what I needed to really see, to really understand the data, and predict real and direct targeted advertising.

    It’s not an easy boot camp it’s mind-blowing. I mean anybody who wants to do this, be ready, be mentally ready. You have to be ready to learn what will change the world because I think data science is going to be a tool that every single person will need – either you’re marketing, you’re in health care, you are in the military, or whatever aspect in the world, you will need the tip of the iceberg of data science.

    It’s an open space, I mean everybody talks to each other. We interact, we network, we share experiences, what we do, what we like, what we don’t like. So I think it’s a good mix. I think it’s better to start from little and until you – it’s like an iceberg, you know? Starting at the tip and then go down to see what you needed to understand everything. And this is exactly what it was. The Data Science Dojo gives you everything that gives you the tip of the iceberg.”

    Marcos Lacayo – Estacion Vital

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Marcos Lacayo
President and Founder – Estacion Vital