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Marco Viets

Bright Skies GmbH

I was looking for a data science class because I have a specific customer project where I would need all these skills, and then I looked at the outline of the course and there were very interesting topics that matched what I needed and also the Azure Machine Learning part was very good. It is very challenging: first thing is we are doing it 10 hours a day including homework and the material, of course, is very intense and it is challenging, definitely. I did learn something from my peers; we are working on this Kaggle competition and of course you are looking at your neighbors–what are they doing, how to they get better results, or where are they standing– so it’s a good atmosphere. I would recommend this bootcamp because of this very professional nature of it, everything is well prepared and very professional. Raja is doing a very good job in explaining all the topics and also responds very well to questions and such things.

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Eric Ryszkiewicz
Data Scientist
There’s a lot of value to be gained by doing something with the amount of data that we collect now. I’m not going to leave here as an expert, but I’ll leave with all the resources I need for continued learning. That is, I think, going to be pretty beneficial.
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