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Jussi Kajala

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Louell Uy
Mining Engineer Consultant
The course has really given me a passion to pursue more of the data science world. Because I know what data science is capable of, I now know what I can pursue in the future.
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As someone with mathematics background doing management consulting, Data Science Dojo is exactly the training needed to bridge those two specialty: how to apply my mathematical knowledge in a real business setting.
Mercia Wijaya
Mercia Wijaya
Manager, Business Operations
Data Science Dojo is absolutely the best training class I’ve ever taken! They have truly taught us “how to fish” – they’ve given us the training we need to be able to understand how data science works and how to implement & deploy machine learning systems. I feel very confident that I’ll not only be able to use what I learned in class, but feel that I can easily go beyond what was covered with some degree of confidence!
David Wechsler web
David Wechsler
Chief Systems Engineer
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