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John Mckay

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Andres De Frutos Zambrano
Business Development Manager
My experience being a Data Science Dojo student has been pretty awesome. Everyone’s been amazing. Raja keeps us engaged; it’s a lot of participation. At times you’re kind of out of your comfort zone and it can be a little bit tough. But what differentiates Data Science Dojo is that Raja doesn’t teach the specific tools and the skills, but he gives you the theory.
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The whole learning experience, concepts demos were very detailed understanding each and every members back ground.
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Hima Kudum
Thank you Raja and Data Science Dojo for such amazing experience! Having zero related background it was manageable for me to follow and understand the course due to well organized material structure and presentation. Intensive, interesting, interacting and definitely worth to attend!
Natalya Movile
Natalya Movile
Inside Sales Specialist
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