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Haydar Ozler

türkiye İş Bankası

It was a motivating, inspiring and intense teaching week. If the instructors weren’t so good, those five days could seem really short and not efficient. But the instructors were amazing, and the content is very, very good.

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Markus Nyland
Analytics Business Developer
I feel like data science is more a team approach than an individual approach. So you can basically have different backgrounds you have the hardcore coding part of data science, you have the math part but you also have the business part the combination that was provided here was addressing all of these.
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Awesome 5-day journey into the realm of Data Science & Engineering. Superb hands-on experience. For those starting the journey I fully recommend i...
Pablo Fleurquin
Pablo Fleurquin
The whole learning experience, concepts demos were very detailed understanding each and every members back ground.
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Hima Kudum
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