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Gemma Miranda

Inter-American Investment Corporation

[The bootcamp] was a great experience. The curriculum was well balanced of theory and hands-on labs. The instructor really helps us move from topic to topic and we are able to gain a certain level of knowledge that we need to become practitioners of these tools. Also, the opportunity to share in the experience with the other students was very rewarding.

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Nichole Nobbman
Director of Data Analytics
I think this bootcamp is best suited for anyone who’s interested in data science either as a career or anyone who either leads a team or manages people who are data scientists. I feel like I’m walking away with a lot of really usable information and a base level of information to build on if I decide that I want to go further in the data science field.
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Although I’m new to R, you helped me understand how it relates to what has been done at the health...
Bruce Bartram v2
Bruce Bartram
Scrum Master Lead and Coach
Came away with clear understanding about the most common machine learning algorithms.
Nick Knutzen
Nick Knutzen
Innovation Information Technology Business Partner
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