Ganesh Meenakshisundaram

Ganesh Meenakshisundaram

Software Architect

The bootcamp is really great to get you started on Data Science. It’s equally good for someone coming from a statistics background or from a Computer Science background. Not only does it rapidly expose you to a lot of machine learning algorithms, but also covers the building blocks and the math behind it. So, you will get a better understanding of the impact of each tuning parameter that you pass to the the algorithm.

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Excellent time spent. It was an enlightening experience learning about Data Science and Data Engineering.
Balachander Devakumar
Senior Program Manager
Awesome bootcamp. Before the bootcamp I mostly considered myself a data analyst, but now feel I have the tools and basic knowledge to develop myself as data scientist. Lots of...
Floor Wijnen
Floor Wijnen
Data Scientist
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