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Emmanuel Tachie-Menson

ARB Apex Bank Ltd

I would absolutely recommend this bootcamp for pretty much anyone who works, even in a bank, because I just think that the content is fabulous. You just get to understand the whole landscape in data science. I would absolutely recommend Data Science Dojo!

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Cody Morgan
IT Development Manager
Data Science Dojo is by far the best bootcamp for anyone interested in gaining knowledge in machine learning. I entered the bootcamp with absolutely no history of R programming or Azure experience along with little understanding of how machine learning worked.The instructors did such a great job of explaining the math in simple, iterations so I did not feel overwhelmed or lost. Their programming knowledge made learning R and the libraries associated with machine learning a breeze. It flowed in a manner which didn’t make me feel as if large details were cloudy.The lesson plan is really well prepared. The example code they provide is really useful and not something you can find online with any other training vendor. The knowledge I gained from this bootcamp will forever change my programming and has provided me a great tool to help my success!
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Tonna Agim
Tonna Agim
Supply Chain Network Planner
This was one of the best training classes I’ve ever attended. The pace was brisk and the content v...
Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez
Process Control Domain Manager
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