Elena Krasheninnikova v2

Elena Krasheninnikova

Senior Data Scientist - Team Lead

Really good explanation with great simple examples
Really good explanation with great simple examples
  • Petroleum Development Oman

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Patrick Moss
It felt nice sitting in the back of a classroom and having someone to listen to and learn something new. But also meeting other people here and understanding what they’re doing. I won’t walk out of here, like, ready to do data science, but I think it has told me what exists and it’s up to me to fully learn it and then implement it into what I do.
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The instructors made the bootcamp the most enjoyable and informative class I've ever taken.
Jirui Qin
Jirui Qin
Quant Research
Excellent course! Perfect foundation to train my entire team of data scientists/analysts. We now have a common knowledge and common set of tools for o...
Yogi Ishwara
Yogi Ishwara
Information System Auditor
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