Elena Fiocca

Elena Fiocca

Business Intelligence Analyst

I thoroughly enjoyed this bootcamp, and I am honestly sad to go back to my job after this experience. I have been doing software development for 6 years, but I have not been satisfied in this area so I have been researching other fields that utilize more of my math degree. I chose this bootcamp because I wasn’t quite sure what data science was all about and I did not want to devote 2 years to a masters program in an area I knew little about. I have to say this bootcamp has ignited my interest in data science and I most definitely would like to pursue it as a career option now.

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Sravanthi Yerroju
Sravanthi Yerroju
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This was easily one of the best training’s I have attended in my 10 years at Microsoft. A perfect combination of hands on, fundamental theories and adequate attention to detail,...
Babith Bhoopalan v2
Babith Bhoopalan
Director / Principal Program Manager
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