Ee Wa Tan v2

Ee Wa Tan

Vice President, Customer Onboarding, Group Retail Digital

The past 5 days have totally changed my perception about statistics and maths and engineering – ok, anything that has to do with numbers. Now, I can confidently say that I am in love with looking at datasets – all i need to do is really to spend time exploring and engineer it to be a meaningful metadata. If only there are more lecturers and instructors like Phuc and Raja – back in those days when I was still working on my degree. Thanks for enlightening my journey and it is definitely just the beginning. Wishing great success to everyone in data science dojo bootcamp. You guys are awesome!

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Data Science Dojo is exactly what I was looking for in a week long Data Science Boot Camp. The training was intense and in depth, however, the instructor’s methods for...
Leon Ross v2
Leon Ross
Senior Member of the Technical Staff
The hands-on approach was really effective. Even for people that were not as skilled with programming.
Eduardo Marcel Maçan
Eduardo Marcel Maçan
Software Engineering and Digital Products Manager
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