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Data Scientist II – Brighthouse Financial

Dipjyoti Das graduated from the University of Florida with Masters of Science in Materials Science and Engineering.

  • It was a great experience coming here and learning about the whole data science landscape and how it can be applied in our job. I got a good sense about what business metrics to think about while building a model, what evaluation techniques can be used to improve the model etc. I had a great time interacting with my fellow attendees as well and learning about them.

    Dipjyoti Das – Brighthouse Financial

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Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright

This bootcamp was a perfect balance between theory and application. … View Full “Matthew Wright”

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Abdul Hyee Waqas

This course helped me put many different techniques and tools… View Full “Abdul Hyee Waqas”

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Dana Lime

The bootcamp made accessible knowledge that was previously inaccessible to… View Full “Dana Lime”


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