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Civil Trial Attorney

Darth Vaughn graduated from The University of Southern California with a Masters of Real Estate Development.

  • I’ve never taken anything as in-depth as this data science bootcamp. The materials were presented clearly and in a comprehensive manner that allows you to digest the information and it really drilled down on the technical aspects of it. For someone like myself who isn’t a hardcore data scientist or a coder it was initially a little intimidating, but the modules are easy to follow and the preparation work gives you the ability to step in on day one.

    Darth Vaughn – Civil Trial Attorney

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Benson Philemon

Benson Philemon

I loved the bootcamp. It was a very good experience… View Full “Benson Philemon”

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Hima Kudum

The whole learning experience, concepts demos were very detailed understanding… View Full “Hima Kudum”


Darth Vaughn
Civil Trial Attorney