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Colin Parry

I wanted to get started in data science but just didn’t know where to start. There is so much material online and you never know what to trust or how big the field really is. The week-long course was a perfect length for my employer and covered a huge range of topics. There’s so much more I need to learn about data science but now I feel empowered to go back and start applying the theory in my workplace to real-world problems. I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to get started in data science but doesn’t know where to begin.

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I like that I was able to develop my first predictive model from first day of the bootcamp
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Abdallah Hantoush
Lead Digital Transformation
Some of the best training I have had. The short course is a perfect introduction to big data analytics and machine learning. The instructors made the complex topics understandable and...
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Barend Lutz
CEO and Co-Founder
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