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Director of Marketing Analytics – PHE

Cedric Williams is the Director of Marketing Analytics at PHE.

  • I was trained data science three years ago, but because I’m the only data scientist at my position in my company I wanted to find an intensive bootcamp that would sharpen my skills. Most bootcamps are 12 weeks, three months, or a grad degree and I didn’t really need all that. Even though the last experience was a great one it was longer to get my certification through, this one here. Because I’m not going online, because I’m right in front of an instructor – and an instructor who actually has practical real-world experience working with clients – I can get a better answer to what is GINI or why is accuracy more important than specialization or recall, or vice versa, versus sometimes when I’m online the instructor may go over but there is no reinforcement or ability for you to as your questions.

    I believe at this bootcamp they teach you enough for you to be dangerous, not too much where you call yourself an R programmer, but enough where you can implement models, bring in data, clean it, and they also teach you some other tools like Azure which are more WYSIWYG, what-you-see-is-what-you-get, drag and drop. So there’s you could be a data scientist without doing a single line of code. I mean eventually to get better you will need to learn how to code, but I think for an entry level or starting position, or a supplement to your current position, you don’t so really worried about coding they teach you other methods and this is a great program. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn data science.

    Cedric Williams – PHE

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Valerie Tan

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Cedric Williams
Director of Marketing Analytics – PHE