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Carlos Martinez

Innate Intelligence

This is extremely valuable, because you really get a good appreciation for what’s happening, and it makes you much more educated. I think it’s excellent, excellent training.

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Dr. Arindam Sen
Vice President
The atmosphere it’s been heavily interactive, you know. So it’s not a one-sided kind of lecture mode which I personally hate. The participants are also telling their own experience of whatever concepts we are discussing, whatever business problems we are discussing, so this materials probably you will get in internet if you search over google, but there is no interactive session to make you understand that’s a plus point. For any user of these tools that conceptual clarity becomes very important.
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I was trained data science three years ago, but because I’m the only data scientist at my position in my company I wanted to find...
cedric williams
Cedric Williams
Director of Marketing Analytics
Instructors had vast experience and were able to drill down as needed to explain. Prep materials were excellent.
Wayne Collins
Wayne Collins
Director, Machine Learning Platform Development
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